About MIT

With its official launch more than a decade back in 2005, MIT training center offered a diverse yet quality portfolio of courses. With the ambition to equip students with integral skills and knowledge to prepare them for a vast array of prospects, MIT offered a set of IT, design and language courses.

Quickly transforming into a hub of technology training MIT earned its certification as an authorized VETA center enabling the institute to offer official IT and other inter-related courses, and thus proving an excellent resource for students to utilize for their professional needs.

The Moshi center provides state of the art setting and an academic faculty providing for an ideal engaging and learning environment. Expanding its outreach MIT has located centers in the following areas;

  1. Himo
  2. Majengo
  3. Dar as Salaam


“Advance the Frontiers of Technology”


The aim of the MIT training centre is to provide a concentration and framework for in its constituent departments to formulate and design courses pertinent to technology, recognizing that technology has its priorities and its criteria for success: above all, technology trainers recognize a duty to influence and be influenced by society at large and to work towards the creation of wealth and an improved quality of life.

Pioneering Job Placements

Clients of MIT training institute quickly come to appreciate that our experience and deep understanding of their hiring and position requirements not only makes us the strongest appraisers of talent but also highly respected by the candidates we recruit. Helping our students build long-term success is a cornerstone of MIT.

In fact, our very first clients placed through a three-month trainee program have become long-standing partners who continue to contract our services and remain some of our strongest relationships to date.

It’s our mission to connect our skilled clients with the best and brightest talent in their respective industries. We provide our clients with nothing less than the highest level of attention and service and grow with them for continued, mutually beneficial success, all while helping employees and candidates achieve successful and satisfying careers.

Why MIT Training Centre?

MIT training center endorses an all-encompassing understanding of education and training, and hence we encourage diversity and offer services that cater to different demographics; people from different age groups and abilities. The tandem of nationally and internationally recognized courses provides the complete package for individuals aspiring to learn and grow.

Cornerstones of MIT

  • High standards and performance-based assessment
  • Multicultural and anti-racist teaching
  • Collaborative planning and professional development
  • Knowledgeable and skilled faculty
  • Notable affiliations and certifications
  • State of the Art infrastructure

Principal’s Message

Dear students,   We are gladly welcoming you to join MIT and be part of our winning class. It’s a great opportunity to be qualified as a student at our college because MIT Management Team and all other Staff including Tutors are happy and honored to fulfill your dreams.   A word of wisdom, “use all resources provided to accomplish your goals, however, make sure you manage your time well because it is very valuable-TECHNOLOGY IS AN OCEAN! .”   I wish you all a great journey with full of practice and achievements. Msumanje GMT,Acting Principal.