Courses Offered

mit-moshi-1Teaching from the primary school level to the secondary and beyond, MIT’s course is offered to all age segments. There is a dichotomy of beginner and advanced level courses. The array of courses is both dynamic and diverse.

Aware Course

With the aim of building a basic level potential in the modern IT workplace, the course would teach basic yet crucial knowledge and skills on IT concepts, computers and the very hand MS office applications.

The course would target:

  1. Popular Office Applications (Introduction and advanced)
  2. Basic IT concepts and usage of computers
  3. Publishing software
Full list of offered courses, more details below:

  • Aware Course
  • English Course
  • Secretary Course
  • Accountancy
  • Graphical Designing
  • IT Networking
  • Databases
  • Electronics
  • Technician
  • Web Designing
  • Specialization in Computer Hardware

English Course

The English language is the language of the world and fluency and proficiency can open a door of endless opportunities.

MIT offers a range of English language proficiency and communication courses, all of which are taught by qualified professionals. With the emphasis on communication, lessons are designed to be stimulating, interactive, and enjoyable.

Secretarial Course

Whatever industry you aim to work in secretarial aptitudes will be a benefit, regardless of whether you’re searching for a profession as an Executive Secretary, Personal Assistant (PA), Office Manager, or you’d recently jump at the chance to assemble your organization abilities as you develop your own particular business. Frequently a secretarial position can be a stepping stone to different roles inside a company.

Secretarial and authoritative aptitude necessities do change as innovation and office situations advance, so it’s critical to stay up to date with best practice and most recent improvement. Our courses are frequently refreshed to guarantee you will be present and fully informed regarding your insight.


Accounting is known as the language of business, and as such, it benefits management in many ways.

Major business purchase decisions, create/control budgets and monitor business financial health with our three-month courses offering trademark skill and knowledge in the accountancy world.

Graphical Designing

Graphic design is all around us, in a myriad of forms and MIT aims to deliver coursework that would entail advance levels of learning and engagement with tools of graphic design.

The goal of this specialization is to equip learners with a set of transferable formal tools for “making and communicating” in the field of graphic design. This core skill set will provide learners with formal studies in graphic design, and a starting point for further work in interface design, motion graphics, and editorial design.

IT Networking

IT networking is highly detailed and skillful field. In a practical environment, understudies learn merchant autonomous systems administration aptitudes and ideas that influence all parts of systems administration, for example, introducing and designing TCP/IP customers and servers. This course can be joined with our Specialization in Computer Hardware to fill in as an elective for the Microsoft MCSA certification.


The primary point of this course is to present the principal ideas vital for planning, utilizing, and actualizing database frameworks and applications. Our introduction focuses on the basics of database displaying an outline, the dialects and offices given by database administration frameworks, and framework execution methods.


This course introduces the students to the fundamentals of electrical and electronic engineering. It provides the students with an understanding of basic electrical quantities, circuit elements and circuit analysis techniques. It also provides an understanding of the principles and operation of diodes and operational amplifiers. The course is designed to act both as an introductory course and as a refresher course.


MIT offers standardized skillful courses in the Technician field.

Alongside IT business service support contractors, there is scope for self-employment or freelance work, supporting small to medium-sized enterprises or working in the home PC repair sector. Opportunities exist across a wide range of occupational sectors.  You will learn about following things:

  1. Basics (Hardware, BIOS, operating systems, file systems, installation…)
  2. Networking basics (LAN, TCP/IP, various IT network hardware…)
  3. Server Operating system components (DHCP, DNS, web servers, email servers, file exchange…)

Web Designing

MIT’s web development courses will quickly bring you up to speed on a variety of creative and technical skills for planning, building and maintaining your website.

Develop and improve your skills in Client-Side JavaScript Programming, HTML and CSS code.

With these diploma and certificate courses, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of web design and development, advancing you professional-level skills training and growing new career opportunities

Specialization in Computer Hardware

The Diploma in Computer Hardware (A+ Certification) is one of the most wanted certificates in the Information Technology industry. This program consists of two modules, i.e., A+ PC Support (Core Hardware) and A+ Operating System Technologies. It is open to anyone with knowledge of English. This hands‐on course is our recommended curriculum for those who want to upgrade, repair, maintain and troubleshoot computers in their current or future careers.

The fields that the courses will focus on are:

  1. Introduction to computers and operating systems
  2. Computer hardware and its assembling
  3. Basic electronics
  4. Usage of system resources
  5. Advanced office software and hardware